Friday, 26 July 2013

Why Become an Entrepreneur? The Joys of Self-Employment

WARNING! This blog entry is a post about my life. You have been fairly WARNED!

A couple of months ago I was let go from my old job as a social media coordinator at Hooplah. I was pretty frustrated about it the day it happened but it was just the regular ego-deflating frustrations that come along with any unpleasant situation like this. The truth is, besides not having had been able to already quit on my own terms, I was quite happy about this happening.

Many people may look at losing their job as a loss of financial security, but I saw it as a means of financial freedom. In all honesty, I was growing pretty bored of my position there. It was the same routine day in, day out. Nothing was changing for me, but more to the point, I felt like I was being tied up in a straight jacket and being let go untied the knot.

You see, the one thing that I've been discovering about myself over the past couple of years is that I have a very entrepreneurial spirit. I think that's something that comes from my family. Many of my cousins, aunts and uncles are successful entrepreneurs running or have run businesses such as 4Print, Tundra Technical, Design Plan Services and Irwin Seating. Even my own parents run their own business Keystone Steam Supplies.

I always remember my dad telling me how one day he just realized, he wasn't meant to work for someone else. He wanted the independence and freedom of owning his own business. At the time I felt that was crazy! There has to be so much pressure and stress of running your own business right? Why would anyone want to do that?

Well as it turns out, I do. And I figured it out a lot younger than my dad did.

So as of June, I have launched my own business called Business Marketing Den along with my business partner Cathy Kovacic. I've always had a wide variety of skills and interests from creating videos, to marketing, to public speaking, so why not put all of them to use under one roof?

After all, the Joker said it best.

And guess what? Lo' and behold, it turns out my dad wasn't crazy after all! Although there is certainly quite a bit of stress and pressure associated with it, running your own business is a very rewarding experience. Here are just a few of the things I like about it in contrast to how it felt working for someone else.
  1. Running your own business is rewarding.  When you work for someone else, no matter how big or how small they are you will always carry the feeling of just being a cog in a machine. The motivation is your pay cheque but it doesn't really extend beyond that. When you're running your own business, a happy client and a job well done directly reflects on you. Of course the same can be said about a poorly done job, so try to avoid that.
  2. You decide the direction of where you want to take things. This was one of my main frustrations working for other people. I always felt like I had great ideas and like I could do a lot more if I was given the opportunity but the opportunities either never came along or my ideas were always turned down. When you're doing it for yourself, your ideas can always be implemented. If they don't work out, then it's a learning experience for you and at least you will see for yourself why they failed.
  3. There's more money in running your own business. Paul Tobey from Training Business Pros is my key influencer on this one with a quote that sticks with me. "You will never get rich working for someone else". It's true. Even if your annual salary is over $100k, becoming a successful entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to make that much or more in a month. Of course the key word here is 'successful'. Things can always go the opposite route if you aren't careful or committed.
  4. There's more variety and exciting things to do when you run your own business. Some days I'm attending sales meetings, some days I'm working on the website and other days I'm brainstorming new ideas in the pool. Sure, certain jobs do offer more variety than others but nothing offers variety like being an entrepreneur.
  5. Being an entrepreneur gives you something to be proud of. Telling people I was a social media coordinator for a digital agency was always just a conversational piece and never really something I ever wanted to go into a deep discussion about. Telling people I run my own business and explaining to them what I do is something that puts a huge smile on my face. And seeing those business cards with your name and Owner, President or CEO on it is definitely an empowering feeling.
Yes there are quite a few reasons I'm very happy and excited to have started Business Marketing Den. I can't say for sure that I know where it's going to go but I am absolutely looking forward to finding out!