Sunday, 9 March 2014

Writing Viral Content That Gets Traffic and 3 Simple Ways to Do It Yourself

Writing Viral Content

Everyone who owns a website wants to write articles that are actually going to go viral and get tons of traffic. But what does it take to actually make such a thing happen? Under 30 CEO recently published an article on how to write amazing content that goes viral and gets links.

The information here is dead-on and will definitely help get you results with your articles. Let us follow their advice for the duration of this article and at the same time, take a look and break it down even further.

Write With SEO in Mind

It is super easy to write an article with the best SEO value in mind. You can easily write quality articles and at the same time, abide by Google's guidelines that are guaranteed to help you rank first on Google for the keywords you intend. In fact, by following these simple concepts you are incredibly likely to do a lot better:

1. Begin your article titles with the keyword(s) you want to rank for.
2. Include your keywords within your article body.
3. Embed an image into your post that uses your keyword(s) in the ALT text.
4. Make sure your keyword(s) are in your article URL.
5. Ensure your keyword(s) are in your article description meta tag.

In the most simple terms, your article title gives an impression as to what your article is going to be about. Make sure that your article delivers on that promise. For instance, this article is about writing viral content that is going to help you get traffic to your website. If I talked about the migration habits of elephants, this article would not perform too hot. But I am talking about how to write viral content and am also using those keywords within the article, which additionally helps. Here are additional resources on how you can use SEO efficiently within Wordpress.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

Under 30 CEO talks about several points related to this and I am going to emphasize and break them down into one simple subject. Make your content bloody well easy to read! Use charts, graphs, images, lists, different text sizes and just about everything you can to avoid writing "walls of text." Attention spans are increasingly shorter these days and walls of texts are just not all that appealing.

Writing Viral Content

Embed images into the body of your posts that reflect what you are trying to say. Google image search can provide you with a plethora of copyright-free images and Getty Images recently opened up their stocks so that they can be freely used as well. As I just did above, use Bitstrips to embed images into your posts. These are already comical in nature and are meant to be shared. Why not take advantage of them and use them as you best see fit?

Write Titles that Stand Out

One of the most effective and simple ways to get traffic to an article is to write titles that stand out from the crowd. Depending on the genre you are writing for, different titles are bound to generate more traffic than others although in the end, there are certain types of titles that just tend to outperform the competition. For instance, titles that tend to do well often:

1) Suggest content will be provided in the form of a list (ie. Top 10 ways to ensure you have clean teeth)
2) Instill a "yeah-right" or sense of skepticism into their reader (ie. These reasons are why your dating life is an epic fail)
3) Evoke some other powerful emotion (ie. So You Want to Work in Sports? These Pros Tell How They Made It) - from Mashable

In Closing

Yes, powerful title's often persuade the viewer to click on them. Once they are opened; insightful and interesting content that is easy to read can ensure that the article gets shared. If everything is written in a way that fits in with SEO guidelines and the article is built for the content to go viral, then it is more likely to be discovered on Google as well. In short, "build it and they will come" is not necessarily the right answer. "Build it well and they will come" is significantly more accurate.