Monday, 14 July 2014

Introducing Reddit's /r/BlogExchange - A New Safe Way to Share Your Content


You write a new blog post.

Naturally, you want to share that blog post.

You know that Reddit has a huge community and would love to see your blog on the front page, but you also know that Reddit highly discourages blog spam.

This leads you to an ethical conundrum, what do you do? Do you submit your blog post anyway and hope that the Reddit community likes what they see and upvote you? Do you risk being considered a spammer and potentially harming your reputation?

Wonder no longer, because a group of Reddit users have now set up a new subreddit called /r/BlogExchange. A place where you can submit your blog content without the fear of being labelled a spammer.

However, just because you can submit your content does not mean that you should submit just anything. As the moderators have pointed out:

"There will be a certain bar you must stay above - i.e. nothing offensive or just so God-awful that you clearly aren't taking it seriously - but virtually anything will be accepted, leaving the voting system to do its thing." - tanktronic

Content that is copyrighted or infringed upon may be removed, but more than anything, this place is a safe new community to share your blog post content.

Reddit is a large community that encourages users to share their original content, yet at the same time they have been oddly hostile to users who submit original blog content. Hopefully, with /r/BlogExchange now live, a large user base will follow and there will be a place for blog owners to share their original quality content and drive new traffic back to their website.

As always, write with quality in mind and don't spam. The success of this subreddit will strongly depend on the people who use it.